This error message may occur during the on-boarding discovery process if we are unable to discover your WordPress API root URL.

An example API root url is

API discovery is outlined in greater detail in the REST API handbook. We use both the link header and link element methods for API discovery. If the link header is not present we look for the link element.

If you get this error this means that that we are unable determine what your api root is using both methods.

Please check that you:

  • have WordPress 4.7 or newer and that the API is enabled.
  • do not have any plugins disabling the API.
  • do not have any plugins that strip out the link header - plugins worth checking are security or caching/performance plugins. For example both WP Supercache and W3TC strip the link headers in certain configurations.

Checking your link header

You can use any API development/testing tool like Postman or Paw to double check whether the link header is present.

The header you need to look for looks like:

Link: <>; rel="", <>; rel=shortlink

Checking your link element

You can check for the link element by viewing the page source of your site in any modern browser. In Chrome you can do this by selecting "View -> Developer -> View Source" from the menu.

The element you need to look for looks like:

<link rel='' href='' />

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