Having customers return to your store and purchase a product is one of the most critical aspects of your store that needs to be working.

To test the basic customer flow your store Robot Ninja will do the following:

  • Log in as the Robot Ninja test customer (this is the test customer that was created during the initial onboarding process)
  • Navigate to 1-2 products pages in your store (these products are either chosen by the store manager by setting the Product ID or by our helper plugin, which will choose the 2 most popular products in your store.
  • If steps 1 and 2 do not produce errors, Robot Ninja will navigate to the checkout page
  • On the Checkout Page, the billing address should be automatically filled in and so Robot Ninja will move on to choosing a shipping method and selecting a supported payment gateway.
  • Click the Checkout button and then wait for the order received page

Once we're certain an order was created, Robot Ninja will trigger a refund on the most recent order for our test customer (retrieve orders by our email).

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