With Robot Ninja you can now get a Slack Notification whenever a test fails.

How to Enable Slack Notifications

1. Go to your Manage Apps page

There's two ways to get to Slack's manage apps page:

  1. While logged into your workspace, go to https://slack.com/apps/manage
  2. From within the Slack app, click the workspace menu and choose Customize Slack, then go into Configure Apps

2. Under the Manage sidebar, Click Custom IntegrationsĀ 

3. Choose Incoming Webhooks

4. Click Set Up

5. Select a Slack Channel or Individual

6. Click Add Incoming Webhook Integration

7. Send us the Webhook URL

Once you've created a Slack Notification URL (Webhook URL), send this to our team: support@robotninja.com


Can I have a different Slack Notification URL for each individual store?

Yes! If you're testing multiple clients stores on Robot Ninja and want a slack notification going their respective slack channels/workspaces, just create a new Webhook URL for each store and send it to us.


This feature is currently in beta and we're looking for feedback šŸ’Œ If you have any ideas, suggestions or concerns please feel free to contact us directly or leave a message on our ideas board here.

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