The first time you log into Robot Ninja you will be welcomed with an onboarding process that walks you through adding your first store.

This process consists of 3 key steps:

  1. Install our helper plugin on your WordPress/WooCommerce powered store.
  2. Tell us the URL of your store
  3. Authenticate Robot Ninja with your site so we can communicate 

1. Install our helper plugin

In order to make the most out of Robot Ninja you must install our Helper Plugin. Additional information and instructions on how to install the Helper Plugin can be found here.

If this is your first time connecting a store (and interacting with Robot Ninja) we give you lots of warning up front that this is required by making it the first step - we'll check that the plugin is active as part of the next step.

Once installed and activated tick/check the I have activated the helper plugin field and then click on the green Step 2 button to proceed.

2. Tell us the URL of your store

This is where you tell us what store you would like to connect to Robot Ninja.

Simply enter your store/site URL. This is the publicly accessible URL for your site - some people find it easier to think of this as your home page URL or address e.g.

Robot Ninja will also work with subdomains and subdirectory structures e,g,


Once you have entered a valid domain click the Check URL button to have Robot Ninja perform some initial tests to make sure we can connect with your site.

What we check

  1. The provided URL is valid and over https (The WooCommerce REST API requires https for basic authentication).
  2. That we can discover the REST API root address. This serves as a check that we connect to your site, that you have the REST API enabled (released as part of WordPress 4.7) and how we should access it.
  3. That all required routes and corresponding API methods (GET, POST etc.) are available. This serves as a check that you have WooCommerce 3.0 and our Helper Plugin installed. 

Error Messages

  • Invalid site_url - This indicates the url provide was not of a valid format/structure. 
  • Failed to discover api root - This indicates we could not complete API discovery to verify that you have the API enabled. You can find more information here.
  • The "{route}" API route is not available - This indicates that a specific route was not listed on your sites API index. You will need to check why the route is not available. Perhaps with helper plugin is not activated?

Required Routes

We check for the following routes and methods

  • /wc/v2/system_status (GET)
  • /wc/v2/orders (GET, POST)
  • /wc/v2/orders/(?P<id>[\d]+) (GET, POST, DELETE)
  • /wc/v2/orders/(?P<order_id>[\d]+)/refunds (GET, POST)
  • /wc/v2/customers (GET, POST)
  • /rn/helper/status (GET) 

3. Authenticate Robot Ninja with your site

The final step is to allow Robot Ninja to access your site.

To do this securely we use the Application Authentication Endpoint that is already available within WooCommerce. You can learn more about the technical aspects of this process here.

To begin the authentication process click the green Authorize Now button. You will be redirected to your sites Authentication Endpoint.

If you are not already logged into your site you will be asked to log in.

Once logged in, you be presented with a screen asking to Authorize or Deny access to Robot Ninja.

Clicking Deny will redirect you back to Robot Ninja - and Robot Ninja WILL NOT have access to your site.

Clicking Authorize will redirect you back to Robot Ninja - and Robot Ninja WILL have access to your site. If you get an error at this point plese check to ensure you have pretty permalinks enabled.

After Authorizing

Once authorized and successfully redirected back to Robot Ninja we'll check to make sure we have adequate API access by creating a test customer account on your site.

You have the ability revoke Robot Ninjas access at any time.

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