The Existing Customer Login test ensures existing customers can return to your store and successfully log into their accounts.

During this test, Robot Ninja will navigate to your My Account login page and try to fill in the login form. The test will be marked as completed if Robot Ninja is able to find the log out button.


  • Username field - We look for the form input name:  username 
  • Password field - We look for the form input name: password  
  • Log In button  - We look for the form input name: login 

Test Skipped

Robot Ninja will skip this test if your store doesn't have a My Account page set in WooCommerce Settings > Account (tab).

Test Failed

Here's a list of errors that can cause the Existing Customer Loads test to fail and ways to fix or work around them. If there's a test that is failing and you think it shouldn't be please email us and we'll have a look for you.

"Robot Ninja could not find the login form element with name {username|password|login} on your My Account page (MYACCOUNT URL)."

If you're seeing this message then there's a number of reason why this test would be failing:

  1. If Robot Ninja has provided a screenshot, first check if your store's my account page is loading properly. If the screenshot is just a blank screen, then you should manually visit your MYACCOUNT URL to check if it's loading. It's possible there was some fatal error occurring at the time Robot Ninja tried to visit your page.
  2. If Robot Ninja has provided a screenshot and your my account page is loading properly. Make sure your screenshot is showing a login form. If there's no login form then it's likely that your store has customized the My Account template or custom a custom form (like gravity forms). To check if your form is compatible with Robot Ninja you will need to inspect the elements on your form to see if they're using a different selector. If it's not using the default selectors, please contact us ( and we can use custom selectors for you store.

"Robot Ninja received the Exception_Class exception when trying to click and fill in the login form element with name {username|password|login} on the My Account page (MYACCOUNT URL)."

Firstly, see the reasons for failure above and check the Exception Class  doesn't highlight the reason for failure. 

If you're seeing this message, it usually means Robot Ninja has caught an unexpected exception when trying to click and send keys in the login form on your My Account page. The reason for seeing this may be caused by:

  1. Your store is using a customized my account login form,
  2. Your login form is hidden/disabled/covered by something on your store's My Account page. If you have a screenshot available, best check if the form elements is enabled and visible. If it's being blocked by something, Robot Ninja will have trouble sending key input to it.
  3. The chrome browser instance that Robot Ninja uses is having trouble interacting with the form. To confirm this is not an issue, install chrome and make sure you login form is working correctly with that browser

Contact us in support ( if you require assistance in finding the reason it's failing or if you believe it shouldn't be.

"Robot Ninja could not confirm the user has successfully logged in because it was unable to find the log out link (class woocommerce-MyAccount-navigation-link--customer-logout)."

Once Robot Ninja has clicked the login button, it will then wait up to 5 seconds before trying to look for the default WooCommerce logout button which is displayed on the My Account page.

If your store has customized the login process (for instance, any logged in users are sent to the shop page) or your store does not show a logout link for customers, that will be the reason Robot Ninja is failing for this test. If this is the case, get in contact with our friendly support team ( and we'll discuss workarounds for this.

If these a screenshot available, please first check to make sure your website is loading properly when a customer logs into their account. It's very possible there's an issue with your store which only exists when a customer logs in.

Customized My Account or Login Process

It's important you know that we've built this test with the intention of it working on the majority of WooCommerce stores out there. If you have customized WooCommerce or have purchased a theme that changes WooCommerce in a very unique way, then it's possible that this test doesn't work out of the box for you. If this is the case please contact our team in support ( We're very happy to help! :)

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