The Robot Ninja Helper plugin helps Robot Ninja connect and work better with your site.

What does the helper plugin do?

The plugin helps in a few different ways:

  • It makes sure that the Robot Ninja customer/user used for tests has an empty cart when logging in for a number of the tests. It essentially ensures a known/clean state.
  • Registers some additional information (see below) to the WooCommerce /system_status endpoint that Robot Ninja can use to help with its tests.

Additional information added the WooCommerce System Status Endpoint 

  • Whether Guest Checkout is enabled
  • Location of key WooCommerce pages (shop, cart, checkout, myaccount)
  • Most popular product/s

Where do I get the helper plugin?

The Helper plugin is available from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

How do I install the plugin?

Install and activate the helper plugin like you would for any standard WordPress plugin.

WordPress has some instructions available for both Automatic installation and Manual Installation.

Do I need a Robot Ninja account to use the plugin?

Yes. The plugin will still work but it won't really provide you any benefit without the service.

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