Robot Ninja Payment Gateway Support

We support the following gateways:

We do not support the following gateways:


How can I add support for a payment gateway that isn't on the list?

Adding support for a gateway is all done internally by us developers. Check out our ideas board to see if someone has already created a feature request for this gateway, upvote the idea if one already exists or create on yourself. Alternatively you can always contact us at

Does Robot Ninja support my gateway transaction type?

Most modern gateways come with an option which allows the store manager to choose a transaction type.

The options are usually, authorize payments or capture payment immediately.

Robot Ninja does not support gateways that have Authorize payments enabled. This is because authorizing the transaction usually means the store manager will have to manually approve the transaction before an order is marked as processed or completed.

When testing real payments, Robot Ninja needs to refund any test orders straight away at the end of the test. If the gateway is set up to authorize transactions, the new test order will be pending payment status and cannot be refunded.

If a payment gateway isn't supported, will my checkout tests automatically fail?

Not all the time. If Robot Ninja can't find any of the supported gateways on your checkout page, it will try to find any other available payment option that is displaying a credit card form.

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