Can you select your own product?


To select your own product to test you will need the product ID for the product you want Robot Ninja to use. To find the ID of the product, navigate to the your Products in your store and hover over the Product to expose the ID.

With this product ID, visit your store's setting page in Robot Ninja (i.e.{store-id}/settings) and enter the value into the Product IDs field.

When is it best to manually set a product to test?

If your store has membership products or products that require a logged in user to purchase, then we suggest you manually choose (or create) a simple product to test with. If our helper plugin automatically chooses a product that guests can't access, or a variable product that is heavily customised, then your store will constantly fail during tests.

Another reason to manually set a product for testing is that you may want a particular product to be tested rather than constantly being picked randomly every test - this is perfectly valid.

Selecting variable products and choosing variations

Robot Ninja handles testing variable products and choosing variations in a couple of ways.

If the Robot Ninja helper plugin has automatically chosen to test a variation product, the tests will use the direct variation product URL which has all the chosen attributes set in the URL. For example: .

When Robot Ninja loads goes to this url, the variation options will already be selected therefore the test will move on to press the Add to Cart button.

If you wish to change this behaviour and make sure variation options are chosen during the test you will need to specify the Variable Product ID in your store settings page.

How do I create a product just for Robot Ninja testing?

Instead of using your own products in your store, a recommended alternative would be to create a hidden product called something like Robot Ninja Test Product. Hidden products mean they will not be visible by your customers and will not appear in searches or on your shop page. These types of products are perfect for Robot Ninja because they only access the product directly via URL.

To create a hidden product, go to the edit product page and on the right hand side, click on the visibility link then choose hidden, and press OK.

What types of Products can be chosen?

Robot Ninja supports the following product types:

  • Simple/variable product
  • Simple/variable subscription

How will the products I choose affect my WooCommerce reports?

Robot Ninja will delete any orders and subscriptions that are created during its tests. 

This means that WooCommerce reports are not affected. Orders should not appear in reports granted that they were removed successfully. If they are appearing in reports, please submit a support ticket with us. It's very likely a bug.

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