There are a number of settings available for each store connected to Robot Ninja. Below we go through those available on the Store Settings tab.

Store Name/Label

This is the name Robot Ninja uses to display your store throughout the Robot Ninja dashboard. 

By default, the store name/label is set to your store's "Site Title" when you first connect to Robot Ninja. 

Notification Email

If set, Robot Ninja sends an email notification to this address if a test fails. 

This email indicates which test/s in a batch of tests have failed. It links back to the dashboard for more information.

More information can be found in our Email Notifications documentation.

Product IDs

This setting allows you tell Robot Ninja what products to test with on your store. 

If left empty, Robot Ninja will test with the cheapest product on your store, but if you want to specify a different product, or multiple products, you can enter their Product IDs in this text box in a comma separated list.

More information about selecting Product IDs can be found in our Selecting Products to Test user guide.

Place Order to Complete Checkout Tests

This option allows you to disable "placing an order" at the completion of the Robot Ninja checkout tests.

With this option disabled, Robot Ninja will NOT click the place order button during tests. 

It will still go through the process of adding products to the cart, filling in the checkout billing fields, selecting a shipping method, selecting a payment gateway and also filling in the payment card forms.

Having this option enabled performs the same steps as above except it will continue to press place the order button (testing real payments) and test that the new order was properly created.

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