What is a Test Card?

Upon upgrading your Robot Ninja account from a free account to being an active subscriber, we create and assign a new test card to your account. This test card has a starting balance of $79.00 USD and is only used for testing and processing real transactions on your store.

Using these test cards, Robot Ninja automatically fills in the payment forms on your store using the test card number, csc number and expiry. If an order is placed during the checkout test, Robot Ninja will process a refund on that new test order and the money will be put back on your test card.

Before Running Tests

To get the best experience out of testing real transactions with Robot Ninja, before you run any tests, make sure the balance on the test card is enough to cover purchasing the cheapest product on your store, including any shipping costs and fees. See below for how to add balance to your test card if necessary.

View Test Card Balance

You can view the current balance of your test card in two places.

1. On the main Robot Ninja dashboard next to the "Test Store" button.

2. In your Manage Test Cards page on your Robot Ninja My Account.

Add Balance to Test Card

If you wish to add balance to your test card, you can do so by going to your Manage Test Cards page and filling in an amount (greater than $5.00) into the text box next to your active card and click Top Up.

This will ask for confirmation before charging your account and topping up your test card balance.

Once the order is processed, your test card will have the new balance immediately and you can get back to testing your stores.

Test Card Declined

If your checkout tests have failed and the reason is because the test card was declined, there's a few things you can do to resolve this:

  1. Tell Robot Ninja to not place an order during the checkout tests. Switching off this behaviour still means Robot Ninja will test filling in the checkout forms and payment forms, but it will just not place the order. More information on this setting can be found in our Store Settings documentation.
  2. Create a $1.00 hidden product on your store and tell Robot Ninja to only test this product. If your store only has products above $79.00, this option allows you to still test real payments without having to add balance to your test card. Follow our guide on Selecting Products to Test to learn how to create a hidden product and also to set that tell Robot Ninja to test that product.
  3. Add more balance to your test card. Keep in mind that the card balance will need to be able to cover two checkout tests + shipping and any other fees.


Do I have to use the test card and/or test real transactions?

Not at all. If you don't want to have to manage the test card and don't want to test real payments, you can tell Robot Ninja to not place any orders by going into your store settings page within the Robot Ninja dashboard and disable the "Place order to complete checkout tests" option.

More information on this setting can be found in our Store Settings documentation.

Why was my test card was not refunded?

If your tests have passed but the test card was not refunded, that could be because some gateways take longer than others to process refunds and for those refunds to be recognized by our test card provider. Gateways like Stripe process refunds quickly and you can almost guarantee the test card balance will be refunded back within minutes; but other gateways can take days.

If refunds are taking too long there's a few solutions you can go with:

  1. Top up your test card balance to cover those delays in refunding,
  2. Test a cheaper product (see our docs on Creating a Product for Robot Ninja) so that you fit smaller purchases in with the balance,
  3. Considering disabling the "Place order to complete checkout tests" temporarily while waiting for refunds to come back to the card (see our docs on Store Settings for more details)

Do I need to add balance to my test card if my payment gateway is in test mode?

No. If the payment gateway on you store is in testmode and Robot Ninja supports the gateway, all checkout tests will use a copy of the sandbox test card numbers provided by the payment gateway.

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