The Checkout Loads test ensures that after a customer adds products to their cart, they will have no issues visiting your checkout page to then later make a purchase.

During this test, Robot Ninja will first add products to the cart, and then navigate to your stores checkout page. From here, we will try to look for the woocommerce-checkout element to signal that the checkout page has loaded properly.


This doc will only list the selectors relevant to checking the checkout page has loaded. You can find the selectors used for adding products to the cart in the Add Products to Cart doc.

  • WooCommerce checkout page body  - We look for the class name woocommerce-checkout  

Test Skipped

If the test skipped, be sure to read the message next to the test for details. The reasons this test would be marked as skipped is because either Robot Ninja could not find any products in your store to add to the cart or your store does not have a checkout page set in WooCommerce Settings.

Test Failed

There's a number of reasons why your Checkout Loads tests could be failing. Use the provided error message and screenshot (if available) to help diagnose what went wrong. Possible causes:

  1. The product couldn't be added to the cart before Robot Ninja tried to load the checkout page.
  2. The checkout page is failing to load (white screen/fatal error, 404 page etc)
  3. Robot Ninja is looking for the incorrect element on the checkout page - this can be easily fixed by using custom selectors.

If there's a test that is failing and you think it shouldn't be, please email us and we'll have a look for you.

Customized Add to Cart process or Checkout Page

This test is built with the intention of it working on the majority of WooCommerce stores out there, but we understand that every store is different. If you have customized WooCommerce or have a theme that changes WooCommerce in a unique way, then it's possible that this test doesn't work out of the box for you. If this is the case please contact our team ( and we can discuss updating the existing test or writing a custom test for you.

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