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Moneris INTERAC Online

❌ We do not currently support the Moneris INTERAC Online payment gateway. If you are interested in supporting it please drop us a message.


Although Robot Ninja supports all the main features and settings of the Moneris gateway, there some additional considerations that need to be understood before running tests.

When a real payment credit card purchases are tested with Moneris, Robot Ninja will process a refund on the transaction which puts it into a "voided" state.

Unfortunately, our test card provider does not recognize voided transactions and therefore the refund will take up to 7 days for the amount to be put back on the test card.

If you're testing real payments with Moneris there's a couple of options you can take to reduce the number of failed tests you see due to insufficient funds on the test card:

  1. Create a cheap $1 product on the store which is used primarily for Robot Ninja (see our guide on how to set this up)
  2. Top up your test card balance to account for 7 days worth of testing (see our docs on test card balances)
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