Mollie Credit Card Supported Features 

Real Payments
Live/Test Mode
Test Order Creation
Order Received Page Displayed

Mollie PayPal 

❌ We do not currently support the Mollie PayPal payment gateway. If you are interested in supporting it please drop us a message.

Other Mollie Payment Methods

 We currently do not support other Mollie payment methods like iDeal.

Basic level of gateway support

We are unable to support the full feature set of this gateway but have added some basic support. 

What is still tested with these gateways?

Robot Ninja will continue to test:

  • the checkout billing fields were all successfully filled in, shipping options were chosen and a valid gateway was chosen
  • The place order button is visible and clickable
  • After clicking place order, the tests will still check if a pending order has been created to mark that the checkout was properly filled in

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