If Robot Ninja supports testing real payments with your gateway this means that Robot Ninja will fill in the payment form using your test credit card and will process a real payment during the checkout test/s.

After an order has been placed...

  • we check that the customer is redirected to your Thank You page
  • we check that an order has been created
  • we process a refund for the order back to your test credit cardĀ 
  • we delete the test orderĀ 

If real payments are not supported by your gateway (these are typically gateways that direct customers away from your site), Robot Ninja will still test the core checkout process by filling in the billing and shipping form fields, click the place order button and check that an order has been created. If the order has been created successfully Robot Ninja will simply delete the order instead of processing a refund (as no payment has been made).

How do we process a refund?

Robot Ninja uses the WooCommerce Refunds API to create a refund for any orders we process.

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