If you are using the iThemes Security Pro to secure your store, there's a few obscure settings you'll need to be aware of as they can interfere with running tests on Robot Ninja.

Password Expiration

Robot Ninja supports password reset forms when the test user logs into your store.
To support the iThemes Security Pro password expiration feature, you will need to update the custom selector for the Reset password form selector to type ID and Selector: itsec-update-password . Found in Robot Ninja store settings > selectors: (see screenshot below),

System Tweaks

Request Methods

Must be disabled.

If enabled, this option blocks all DELETE requests made to the site and returns a 403. Robot Ninja uses delete requests to remove any orders that were created during the test run.

Non-English Characters

Must be disabled.

If enabled, this option will only accept requests with characters ranging from 0-9 and A-Z. Robot Ninja needs to make a request with @ ,+  and . , therefore this option needs to be disabled to avoid 403 errors.

Long URL Strings

Optional (may need to be disabled for some stores - see below).

If enabled, this option will limit the amount of characters allowed in URLs/Query string requests. If you're trying to test a store on Robot Ninja with a high number of products, it is recommended that you disable this option as it can get close to reaching the iThemes Security Pro limit.

WordPress Tweaks

Login with Email Address or Username

Must include username.

This option allows you to restrict the WordPress login form to only accept Email addresses. When testing customers can log in and purchase products, Robot Ninja only uses the username to login on your store therefore this setting much be set to Email Address and Username (default) or Username Only .

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