The easiest method to exclude Robot Ninja traffic from Google Analytics is to filter the following Robot Ninja IP addresses:


For extra detail please view Google's guide for how to create an IP address filter


  • Filters don't work retroactively - When you create a new filter, it won’t apply to your historical data. Only the data that’s being collected after creating the filter will be affected.
  • Mind the order - Filters are applied in order. The default order is based on the date of creation. You can change the order manually if needed.
  • Create a new view - Experts recommend that filters shouldn't be applied to your default views to avoid data loss. 

Prevent data being sent to Google

An alternative approach is to prevent data ever being sent to Google in the first place. The basic premise is to not load google analytics tracking scripts for certain visitors to your site. 

This is far more complicated and will depend on your setup. We recommend talking to your developers about a solution.

The following articles give some good ideas about how this can achieved:

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