As part of completing the Guest Checkout test, a test customer will sometimes be created on your store given a number of circumstances:

1. Your store has allowed guests to create an account during checkout

2. Robot Ninja is testing purchasing a Subscription product (The Subscriptions extension forces guest customers to be created on purchase).

At the start and end of the Guest Checkout test, Robot Ninja will make an API request to check if our guest customer already exists in your store with the email: store+guest-{storeID} .

If we find a customer with this email, we will make another API request to try remove it so that the Guest Checkout test can continue

If we fail to find or remove the customer, Robot Ninja will skip the test with message:

Test skipped - Robot Ninja was unable to run the guest checkout test because the guest customer could not be removed.

How to resolve this?

The reason you would be seeing this message is most likely because either the WooCommerce REST API get or delete customer request is failing.

If you have any plugins blocking certain API requests or disabling the API, you could try temporarily deactivating them and checking again by re-running the tests.

You could also try go into your WooCommerce store admin dashboard and manually look for a user with email store+guest-{storeID}  and remove it.

Please be careful not to remove the customer with email store+{storeID} (different to the guest customer email) as this is needed for other tests and should remain on your site.

If you need further assistance, please reach out to our support team - we're always happy to help!

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