As of early 2017, Stripe no longer refunds the transaction fees that they charged when processing orders (source). This means if you're a paying customer of Robot Ninja, Stripe will take a fee away from your test card balance each time you run a checkout test

Stripe fees are 2.9% of order cost + $0.30 (these numbers are used for merchant accounts in the US, UK & AUS but may differ for your country) so the fee for testing a $1.00 product will be roughly $0.33. This fee will go up if you're testing more expensive products.

If you leave the card balance at $79.00, overtime your checkout tests will start failing because of insufficient balance on the card, but there's a few things you can do to workaround this.

What you can do

1. Keep an eye on your test card and top-up the balance to account for any fees for each test. To reduce the total fees that Stripe is taking, you can create a cheap $0.50 product specifically for test purposes. Why $0.50 and not $0.01? The Stripe plugin for WooCommerce requires a minimum of $0.50 to complete the checkout.

2. If you have a staging site for development, you can connect this store to Robot Ninja and turn on test mode for the Stripe gateway. Robot Ninja will recognize test mode and use a test card provided by Stripe instead of your own test card.

3. Turn off the Place order in the store settings so that Robot Ninja will still test:

  • The checkout can be filled in
  • The Stripe payment option can be selected on checkout
  • The credit card fields can be filled in

Turning off the place order setting will not however test the order can be placed and the order was created.

If you have any feature requests or questions concerning gateway fees, please get in contact with us. 

Why does this only affect Robot Ninja paying customers?

Robot Ninja paying customers that have Stripe installed and activated on their store are able to test real transactions with real credit cards and so the fees are only affecting those customers.
If you have Stripe in testmode, you won't be affected.

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