Currently every site added to Robot Ninja is billed individually. Whether it is a production, live, staging, development or test site.

In the case of staging or test sites we understand our customers concern that we would be charging twice for what is essentially the same site and we have been looking at ways to allow a live site + staging.

At the moment this is proving to be a tricky problem to solve fairly. This is because staging sites can live just about anywhere and its very difficult to tell the difference.

Many plugin companies (depending on their pricing model obviously) count any site activation as a license activation so we're sticking with similar for now i.e. any store added is counted.

We're looking at ways similar to those mentioned on to tackle the problem but haven't settled on anything.

If you have any thoughts/ideas/suggestions we'd appreciate them. We are always interested in our customers ideas/thoughts.

Until we figure out a path forward many customers are taking advantage of our "only pay for what you use" policy and they are simply disabling their test/staging stores in Robot Ninja when they aren't being used.

Please reach out to us via the messenger app or using our contact form if you have any questions or concerns.

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