During the two checkout tests, Robot Ninja waits up to 40 seconds for the checkout to finish processing after it clicks the "Place Order" button.

After 40 seconds, even though the test has timed out and reported a failure, there's a real chance your store eventually creates the order and charges the test credit card for the purchase.

Any orders that go through after Robot Ninja has timed out are not automatically refunded and deleted which can lead to some issues explained below:

  • Insufficient funds on your test card since the previous order wasn't refunded
  • Test orders accidentally processed/shipped by store managers or automatically by third party tax/shipping and other software.
  • Test orders incorrectly showing up in reports

Follow these links to manually find, refund and delete the test orders:

  1. How to refund any test orders before removing them?
  2. How to delete any test orders?


Why only wait 40 seconds?

If a store is taking longer than 40 seconds to process the checkout, it's likely there's an undying issue which is impacting the stores performance. We would rather have Robot Ninja highlight these sorts of issues instead of ignoring them.

What can I do if my store needs more than 40 seconds to process the checkout?

If you're certain the 40 seconds is not enough for your store and need it to be increased, get in contact with us! 🙇

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