If there's been a failed checkout test on your store or you notice the card balance hasn't been refunded an amount (refunds can sometimes take minutes or days to be refunded back to the card), you may need to manually find and refund a test order on your store that wasn't properly handled by Robot Ninja.

Why wasn't the test order refunded?

Theres's a few reasons why this can happen:

  1. The checkout took longer than 40 seconds to process the payment and Robot Ninja timed out. Even though the test timed out and was marked as failed, it's possible the order was still created and the payment was taken but never refunded.
  2. The request to fetch the test order via the WooCommerce REST API failed to find any orders
  3. The refund request via the WooCommerce REST API failed.

How to find Robot Ninja test orders?

The emails for our test customers are: 

  • store+{ID}@robotninja.com - email of the existing customer on your store
  • store+guest-{ID}@robotninja.com - email of the guest customer

Where {ID} is the replaced with your unique store ID.

To find orders that belong to these test customers go to WooCommerce > Orders and use the search bar (found right side above orders table) to look for orders with @robotninja.com 

How to refund Robot Ninja test orders?

It's important to take care and be sure you are only refunding an order that belongs to the Robot Ninja test customer.

If you find any orders that haven't been refunded and they belong to the test customer, please process the refund on these

Go into the Edit Order page and refund the order's full amount. Always refund via the payment gateway if the option is available.


Is it safe to delete the order after it's been refunded?

Yes, any refunded orders should be deleted. Please read our documentation on how to manually delete a test order.

I manually refunded the order so why hasn't my test card balance hasn't been updated?

This completely depends on the payment provider and if the payment has already been authorized and/or processed when trying to refund. Some gateways can take minutes if you refund request is triggered before the charge is even authorized. And on the flip-side, some payment providers can take days as we have to wait for the transaction to be voided and time out before it appears back on the test card.

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