Before deleting any test orders from your system. Make sure any amount on the orders have been refunded.

Please review our documentation on how to find and refund any test orders before continuing to delete them.

How to find Robot Ninja test orders?

The emails for our test customers are: 

  • store+{ID} - email of the existing customer on your store
  • store+guest-{ID} - email of the guest customer

Where {ID} is the replaced with your unique store ID.

To find orders that belong to these test customers go to WooCommerce > Orders and use the search bar (found right side above orders table) to look for orders with 

Do I have to delete these test orders?

If Robot Ninja didn't get to deleting the order, manually removing them is totally optional. By default Robot Ninja deletes all test orders created so they don't show up in order reports and give false data on incoming orders.

Refunding and removing them immediately also aims to ensure that no third-party software like tax and drop shipping doesn't incorrectly perform any actions on them.

How to manually delete test orders?

If you need help finding test orders, please follow the steps listed on our documentation for how to find and refund any test orders

Make sure the orders being removed have already been refunded.

Deleting the orders can be done in a few ways and both are safe

  1. Using the bulk edit feature on the Orders table
  2. From the Edit Order page by clicking "Move to Trash"
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