To ensure Robot Ninja continues to function correctly when the Invisible reCaptcha plugin is activated there's a few settings you will need to disable.

You can find the settings in your WordPress Dashboard under Settings -> Invisible reCaptcha.

The two settings which need to be disabled are found under the WooCommerce section (see screenshot below)

  • Enable Login Form Protection
  • Enable Checkout Form Protection

Invisible reCaptcha WooCommerce Settings

Enable Login Form Protection

This setting will block Robot Ninja from successfully being able to test logging into the test customer, if you have this option enabled you will likely see a screenshot for you failed test will look something like:

Enable Checkout Form Protection

This setting is not available by default and is only available to those that have manually enabled it by modifying the code (requires uncommenting some code).

If this setting is enabled, Robot Ninja will fail to test completing the checkout form:


Is there any way to still use reCaptcha services with Robot Ninja?

If the reCaptcha service allows you to whitelist specific IP addresses then yes. You can find out IP addresses to whitelist here. Unfortunately Google reCAPTCHA does not have any option for whitelisting as of the time of writing this.

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