To ensure Robot Ninja continues to function correctly when the Password Protected plugin is enabled you will need to ensure that REST API Access is still allowed.

Unable to get index information (401)

When adding a new store to Robot Ninja, if the Password Protected plugin is activated and API access is blocked you will receive the following error:

Unable to get index information (401) 

This is because public access to your REST API root route URL is being blocked to everyone except for logged in users. 

To test this you can browse to and you will receive a response that reads:

Only authenticated users can access the REST API. 

For example:

The Solution: Allow REST API Access

The easy fix is to "Allow REST API Access". You can toggle this setting on/off in the Password Protected Settings from your dashboard under: 

Settings -> Password Protected

Then check the permission for "Allow REST API Access"

For example:

Once REST API Access is allowed Robot Ninja will be able view the data available from your REST API root route.

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