We are currently experimenting offering users the ability to view how long their checkout takes to process from the time the "Place Order" button is clicked through to when the "Thank You" page is displayed.

Why not just do page load times?

Services such as Google Analytics already provide a robust centralized platform for tracking how long individual pages take to load. We do not want to confuse or provide conflicting information if our results vary. 

Tracking how long a thank you page takes to load does not give the store owner/manager a true indication of how long orders are taking to process. A lot of processing can take place on the checkout page asynchronously before a user is redirected. 

Why are processing times useful?

WooCommerce stores vary greatly with what functionality and processes they run once an order has been placed. 

Lots and lots of different things can take place once an order has been placed, including (but not limited to) integrations with shipping systems, processing the actual payment through the chosen payment gateway, sending emails through third party email services and firing off notifications to platforms such as Slack. 

Depending on the configuration the time it takes do ALL these things can add up - we've seen stores process an order anywhere from 2 seconds up to minutes.

We've had many customers request an ability to track just how long this takes.

Daily Average?

We currently display a daily average for the checkout processing times. Multiple tests can be run per day so this seemed like a useful place to start for the graphs. We'll tweak this depending on feedback.

Why don't I see any timings?

If you have "place an order" disabled we don't record any results because we obviously haven't placed an order.

Similarly if you are on a free plan, we don't record anything.

Where to next?

Once we have the tracking functionality stable we'll investigate ways to use this information more efficiently such as adding the ability to send notifications depending on different thresholds. 

For example we could send you a notification if the checkout process starts taking longer than 15 seconds. (We've already had customers requesting this because they've had checkouts all of a sudden taking longer than 30 seconds to process).

We can also display an average for your store as well as all other stores on Robot Ninja. 


Please feel free to send us feedback by the messenger, email or through our ideas board.

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