If you have specified one or more product IDs in your store settings then those are the products that Robot Ninja will use during the tests.

If you haven't specified a product in your store settings, Robot Ninja will use the helper plugin to find the most suitable product or subscription product to test with.

The helper plugin will choose one product from your store's list of products that is:
 - published (not in draft)
 - the cheapest (above $0)
 - instock
 - not password protected or set to private
 - not excluded from catalog


After a test is ran, can I tell which product was tested?

Sure can! 😺 

Each time your store starts processing the tests, we fetch a copy of the WooCommerce system status report and display the raw JSON data on the batch.

If you search this data for robot_ninja_data (use CMD/CTRL + F for quick access) and look for the list under the name "products". This will tell you all the products IDs and product URL that Robot Ninja used in this current batch.

How many products are tested with by default?

Only one product is chosen by the helper plugin.

You can test purchasing more than one product on the same order by specifying multiple product IDs in your Store Settings page.

Will products be chosen if they manage stock is enabled?

On the latest version of WooCommerce (version 3.5.3 at time of writing this) they do not add stock back to products if the purchase was refunded and removed from the system.

If you wish to not have tests impact stock quantities, please read our documentation on Product Stock Management & Robot Ninja for a workaround.

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