If your store has order emails enabled in the WooCommerce settings, when Robot Ninja makes a test purchase any emails enabled will be sent just like when a regular customer makes a purchase. 

To disable these emails from sending when Robot Ninja makes a test purchase edit the wp-config.php on your store using the following values: 

Disable the New Order Email:

define( 'RN_SEND_NEW_ORDER_EMAIL', false );

Disable the Failed Order Email: 

define( 'RN_SEND_FAILED_ORDER_EMAIL', false );

Disable the Cancelled Order Email


Disable the Cancelled Subscription Email


If you need assistance editing your wp-config.php file, the Editing wp-config.php article on the WordPress Codex is a good place to find help, or if you have any other questions/issues, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Are regular customer's emails still sent?
Yes, of course! 😄

Setting these options in your WP config file will only disable the emails that are related to Robot Ninja tests. We make sure of this by confirming the order details belong to our test customer before stopping the delivery.

Why am I still receiving the test order emails after editing the WP config file?

Check you have the latest version of the helper plugin installed. The support for these options were added in version 1.8.0.

How can I disable other emails not listed here?

Reach out to us and we'd be happy to add the option for you to disable them.

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