If you're trying to run tests and start seeing an error like "Error retrieving store config (401-Unauthorized)" (or some other 401 error message), this means that Robot Ninja no longer has permissions to make API requests to your store.

The could be caused by a couple of things:

  • Our REST API keys have been revoked/removed/wiped
  • Some 3rd party plugin is overriding the WooCommerce REST API authentication methods or disabling the REST API
  • Some change in server configuration stopping HTTP Request Authorization headers from being passed to PHP.

Since the store is already connected to Robot Ninja it's likely the issue is being caused by our REST API keys accidentally being revoked/removed/wiped.

How to check if your store has Robot Ninja API keys?

From the WordPress admin dashboard go into WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > REST API (tab), once here you should see a table of API keys on the page.

One of these rows should have a description starting with "RobotNinja - API".

What if the API keys were revoked or no longer exists?

There's a simple way to fix this up, but the best thing to do is send us a message! 📩

If you want to get this resolved and don't have an issue with starting fresh and wiping your test history, you can simply trash the store from your Manage Stores page and then add the store again to Robot Ninja.

Going through this process this will generate a fresh set of API keys for you.

If these API keys were wiped (or overridden) from a recent sync/pull-down from another environment or database, please get in contact with us so we can discuss ways to avoid this issue reappearing next time

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