If your store doesn't have any products to load on the shop page, say your store is only used to sell event tickets, then your Shop Page Loads test may fail with a screenshot that looks sometimes like this.

Screenshot link: https://cld.wthms.co/EQQaAv

If this is the case, you can actually make sure this test is marked as skipped instead of failing. We do this by making sure no shop page is set in your WooCommerce settings which will tell Robot Ninja that we don't need to test the shop page.

To do this:

  1. Go into your Products settings: WooCommerce > Settings > Products.
  2. Make sure the Shop Page setting is set to empty by clicking the little x (cross) symbol in the field
  3. Click "Save changes" at the bottom to the page

Customized Shop/Landing Page?

If you have a custom shop page or landing page and our default Shop Page Loads test isn't properly testing your page. Reach out to our team in support (support@robotninja.com) and we can look at whether the tests can be fixed by using custom selectors otherwise we can write some customisations for you.

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