This documentation is for the PayPal Checkout found on the marketplace.

You must have the latest version of the Robot Ninja Helper plugin which tells Robot Ninja what PayPal Advanced Layout you have chosen in gateway settings in WooCommerce > Settings > Payments.

Supported Features 

Real Payments
Live/Test Mode
Test Order Creation
Order Received Page Displayed
✅ Both Login & Billing PayPal landing pages
✅ Smart Payment Buttons™

PayPal Landing Pages

In your PayPal Checkout gateway settings (WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > PayPal Checkout) there is a setting which lets you choose which page the customer lands on at PayPal:

The Login (PayPal account login) option sends the customer straight to a PayPal login page where they can optionally choose the "Pay with a card".

The Billing (Non-PayPal account login) option sends the customer straight to the PayPal Guest Checkout page where they can enter their card details or optionally sign into their PayPal account if they have one.

The Robot Ninja doesn't have PayPal account so the checkout tests will always use the PayPal Guest Checkout to complete the order payment. If the Login (PayPal account login) option is chosen, Robot Ninja will first click the "Pay with a card" option on the landing page and continue through the PayPal Guest Checkout.

Smart Payment Buttons™

The PayPal Checkout gateway has a Smart Payment Buttons™ feature which replaces the default place order button on the checkout with PayPal pay buttons. When SPB™ are enabled, Robot Ninja will click the PayPal button and fill in the separate PayPal payment window that opens to complete the checkout.

❌Product & Cart Page Smart Payment Buttons™

When your store has Smart Payment Buttons™ setting enabled, the Product Page and Cart Page will have buttons which allows the customer to instantly purchase products.

Robot Ninja does not test any of these buttons.

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