This documentation is for the PayPal Pro Hosted gateway found on the marketplace.


  • At least version 1.12.0 of the Robot Ninja Helper plugin activated - in prior versions the checkout tests will assume your store has PayPal Pro Hosted live mode

Supported Features 

❌ Real Payments
✅ Live/Sandbox Mode
✅ Test Order Creation
✅ Order Received Page Displayed

Real Payments

PayPal Pro Hosted doesn't support refunding orders via the REST API.
This means Robot Ninja can't automatically refund any test orders that we create therefore no real payments will be taken during the checkout tests.

Sandbox vs. Live Mode

If your store has PayPal Pro Hosted gateway in live mode, Robot Ninja will test:

  • The checkout billing fields, shipping selection and payment selection are loading and can be clicked and filled in
  • Clicking the "Proceed to Payment" takes the customer to the Pay for Order page
  • Checks the Payment form has loaded
  • Fills in the Payment form using dummy card data
  • Checks PayPals Pay Now button has loaded on the page
  • Checks a pending payment order was created

When in live mode, Robot Ninja will not click the Pay Now button to submit payment - this button is only clicked when the gateway is in Sandbox mode.

In Sandbox mode, the above checks are also completed as well as the following:

  • The Order Received page was landed on
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