This documentation is for the Amazon Pay Gateway found on the marketplace.


Supported Features

❌ Real Payments/Live Mode
✅ Sandbox Mode
✅ Test Order Creation
✅ Order Received Page Displayed

Sandbox Mode Only

Testing the checkout with Amazon Pay requires you to first log into an amazon account, because of this, Robot Ninja requires you to create an amazon test account that Robot Ninja can log into during the test - see details below under How to Create Amazon Test Customer for Robot Ninja.

How to Create Amazon Test Customer for Robot Ninja?

Robot Ninja needs to log into a test customer account in order to test the Amazon Pay gateway on checkout on your store.

To create a Robot Ninja test customer in Amazon please follow these steps:

It's important the email and password is set correctly otherwise the checkout tests will fail because Robot Ninja can't log into the sandbox test customer account.

1. Go to your Amazon Sellers dashboard and login

2. Make sure you change your dashboard view over to Sandbox using the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

3. Under the Integration menu item, choose Test Accounts

4. Click the Create a new test account button

5. Fill in the Test Account creation form with the following email and password:

  • Email: 
  • Password: 123456789

These test customer accounts can only be used to test purchases on your Sandbox Amazon Pay account therefore using an insecure password is fine for this.

6. Scroll down and select Shipping Address for this account (we use Mary Jones)

7. Click Create account button
8. Run your tests.

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